En-Bloc miniseries

singapore enbloc mini series cover

The big Singapore En-bloc cycle comes once every decade. A period where many bankers, wealth planners and real estate agents will do whatever they can to have a piece of the pie. To help en-bloc millionaires to manage their money. 

In the previous en-bloc cycle, i personally have heard of stories of en-bloc owners making ill-informed decisions, causing them to lose majority of their en-bloc proceeds. In early 2017, after speaking to more than 30 en-bloc owners, and after many of these clients’ encouragement, I decided to publish the Singapore En-bloc miniseries to provide quality information and opinions about the current property market and how en-bloc owners can maximize their en-bloc proceeds ( note: Maximizing your en-bloc proceeds does not mean spending it all ).

What you will see in this Singapore En-bloc miniseries :

Part 1: En-bloc owners will make the worst decision of their lifes..

Part 2: What every En-bloc owner must know about the property market

Part 3: Prudent Strategies for Asset Growth – 3 Case Studies

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